Pavel2014-08-13 09:12:44
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Pavel, 2014-08-13 09:12:44

How to create a link in a MySQL DB textbox when accessed from Access?

Migrated database from Access to MySQL.
Installed the ODBC driver and linked the "skin" of the Access database to the MySQL database. Everything is working!
But it is not clear what to do with hyperlinks? Access has a hyperlink type . You could click on it and access the file. Very comfortably. There is no such type in MySQL!
Is there any plugin for Access to see certain text (TEXT or TINYTEXT field) as a link when accessing MySQL? I do n't want to use
blobs .

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Толстый Лорри, 2016-06-08

Как настроить DDNS что бы пробить NAT?
ЗЫ Здесь есть поиск. Не говоря уже о гугле.

Dmitry Kulikov, 2017-05-02

Try to make a form for this table. And already in the form itself in the field property there is such a setting Display as a hyperlink

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