Vlad_beg2017-05-20 16:44:33
Vlad_beg, 2017-05-20 16:44:33

How to correctly copy the value of one structure to another?

There are two structures Login and CoWorker. You need to copy the co_name value to the username of the login structure

struct CoWorker {
  char co_name[90];
  double co_salary;

struct Login {
  char username[90];
  char password[90];

strcpy(login_struct[i].username, co_worker[i].co_name);

Tried to copy values ​​using strcpy but throws an error
expression must have pointer-to-object or handle-to-C++/CLI-array type

I use c++/cli

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Vladimir Proskurin, 2018-08-10

You obviously need to understand how interest is calculated. If you need to calculate the percentage of $win[1] from $win[2], then you need to write
$percent = $win[1] / ($win[2] / 100)

Vlad_beg, 2017-05-21

The error was in another, in the function of reading the file

John_Nash, 2017-05-20

the error is clearly not here, tk. the above code has nothing to do with cli

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