EnotShow2022-04-08 01:35:21
EnotShow, 2022-04-08 01:35:21

How to check the performance of a RAM chip?

A long time ago I installed a second 8 GB die in my laptop, identical to the one I have. Sometimes during work it happens that the laptop freezes and all applications stop. Those who issue crash reports write that there is not enough RAM, in the dispatcher it also writes that there is not enough memory. The paging file is on the HDD (unlimited). Before installing the RAM, this did not happen. And when playing games, this did not happen, which is strange. Question: how can I test the RAM to the full in order to understand if there is a problem in it, and if not, what can be done about it?

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kisaa, 2022-04-08

Download, write to a flash drive, boot, run, leave overnight.

Dmitry Roo, 2022-04-08

Start -> Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
Choose "Advanced Mode"
Leave overnight (6-7 runs).

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