kenny97492022-04-21 12:08:53
kenny9749, 2022-04-21 12:08:53

How to block app from closing like in android?

I have two chrome windows open - and my brother constantly closes one of them, while the tabs that were open are not saved, since the second window was open. Is it somehow possible to block the application so that it does not close at all, how does the android have the application blocking function, and will it always work? Win10x64

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Hemul GM, 2022-04-21

If you exit the application in Android through the "Back" button, it will also close, regardless of whether you "pinned" it or not.
No, you won’t be able to prevent closing a window in Windows (by simple methods).
There are two more reasonable options:
1. Create a second PC user and let him do what he wants there
2. Create a second user in the browser and let him open his profile

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