skvot2012-06-27 11:46:23
skvot, 2012-06-27 11:46:23

How do I explain to a girl who owns an iMac how to transfer files to me?

Hey habr! :)
The situation is this. A girl was invited to the rehearsal to film us. 3.5 GB of material accumulated. And now I really want this material, but the girl cannot cope with the task of transferring files to me.
What I have:
- 30 Mbit channel
- ftp, http servers, Skype, ICQ, teamviewer and hands
What the girl has:
- iMac
The girl hears about ftp and skype for the first time, and constantly swears at her computer. Timviewer refuses to install. The easiest way to transfer files, I see them being uploaded to my ftp'shku, respectively, I ask the machinists to advise some of the simplest free ftp client so that the girl can figure it out. It will be very cool if there is a step-by-step instruction for interacting with it.
Also I will be glad to councils of alternative decisions of the given task.
Thanks in advance to everyone for the replies!

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eaa, 2012-06-27

Set up an ssh server and teach her how to write a command
scp filename [email protected]:/tmp/

kostik450, 2012-06-27

Burn to DVD, then by courier :)

avalak, 2012-06-27

1. Dropbox or similar system with the ability to share a directory between users. A fairly simple interface, a client for Mac, will take care of synchronizing and uploading files.
2. Use the good old flash drive (as I understand it in the same city as you). But that's the worst case.

Perkov, 2012-06-27

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel - in this situation - the fastest way would be to come to the girl for coffee / tea and write off the data to your carrier.

Eddy_Em, 2012-06-27

Obviously, it is necessary to explain to the girl that female vibrators are a little different, they differ from anal probes.

Pavel Zagrebelin, 2012-06-27


webboy, 2012-06-27

And what prevents just the standard Finder from connecting to ftp?
In Finder, press Cmd + K, enter lalala.ru/ and copy with the usual “explorer” ...

Zoom_spb, 2012-06-27

the client probably won’t agree to FTP either, teach how to create an archive in parts and upload it to the people

sergpenza, 2012-06-27

On mac os, it is possible to open external access.
If she can't upload, then you download

IIIa66uMEM6eP, 2012-06-27

Maybe if you used torrents, ask to create a distribution.

Claire, 2012-06-27

Girl, I use www.mucommander.com
Although the easiest way, as they wrote above, is Cmd + K

s0rr0w, 2012-06-27

In makosi, an FTP client is built into the system and is called up in three clicks .

okazymyrov, 2012-06-27

justbeamit.com/ ?

SAKRIST, 2012-06-27

Dropbox, even my dad uses it, even though he only knew how to use Skype :)
though she will need to install it, and then you just open your folder for her.
maybe not the easiest way.

MikhailEdoshin, 2012-06-27

Cyberduck , an FTP client for Mac OS. There is Russian localization.

Iliapan, 2012-06-27

In my opinion, the author of the question is just trolling us ...

PuzzleW, 2012-06-27

why didn't any web exchanger suit you?! from Yandex files to some fileshare.in.ua? It's easier than ever, at least for a girl with an iMac. although of course there are disconnects and all that ...

TheMengzor, 2012-06-27

drop box

Evgeny Yablokov, 2012-06-27

Will Dropbox be >3.5G out of the box? It seems like 2 or 3. Then Google Drive is better, where is 5G. I use it myself - it's great. The client is placed according to the “Next -> Next” principle, 4-5 clicks. In the Finder, the Google Drive directory appears, already native (with an integrated icon on the folder). You copy as usual, and everything flows into the cloud.
PS: Look for videos on Youtube.

kuzemchik, 2012-06-27


mithraen, 2012-06-27

Dropbox is very easy to set up.
After that, you share the folder, and the girl simply copies the file locally. After some time (depending on the width of the channel you both have), the file will simply be on your computer.
Finding an easier solution will be difficult.

Keyten, 2012-06-27

use dropbox

relgames, 2012-06-28

I have been using wetransfer.com for a long time
There is a 2 gig limit, I will have to do it in a couple of visits

Roman Sivakov, 2014-06-27

so what happened to the video?!)

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