suvaldniy2019-07-07 13:11:25
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suvaldniy, 2019-07-07 13:11:25

Good paid game design courses in Russian?

I am a developer with 11 years of experience, mainly web, some mobile and UE4.
I want to find "thoughtful" system courses on game design in Russian.
Most of what is on the market, according to reviews, is not worth the money.
Interested from Skillfactory and DevToDev .
Maybe someone has already gone through and can share their experience?

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dollar, 2019-07-07

In general, this is not taught. Of course, if the task is to do something new , and not a stupid clone.
There are a lot of books on game design. And it is believed that reading 2-3 of them is not enough.
On the other hand, there is an opinion that what for these books, but you need to learn programming (mathematics) and psychology , and this is what decides in game design.
In general, the closest thing to good in the Russian Federation is paid courses at the tower. And when you join the Russian gamedev crowd, you can then see who is doing what, be in trend, take some other people's ideas, improve them, share them, etc. True, you will have to attend conferences, meetups, get to know each other. Plus, on your particular game project, you will most likely be supplied with ideas by many team members. Well, or you can move on to a project where your ideas and skills are most suitable. Otherwise, everything depends on you, your mind, imagination and ingenuity, and not on the courses.

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