DmitryNs2022-04-04 15:48:33
DmitryNs, 2022-04-04 15:48:33

Doesn't switch the language on the first time on the Macbook Air M1?

Hello! Strange question, but exhausted already. On a macbook, the language does not switch the first time, and sometimes it switches without problems immediately. More often than not, the language does not change the first time you switch between windows/programs. Change the layout command + space. There are no combination conflicts. There was a punto from Yandex, I thought because of him. Turned it off, same nonsense. Maybe someone has come across something similar.

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Nick Nois, 2022-04-04

Yes, I also have the same problem, but somehow I got used to it already

2Grey, 2022-04-05

As an option to disable Siri:
System settings -> Siri -> Keyboard Shortcut (I don’t know how in Russian localization) set to "Off".
If it does not help, you need to change the language switching hotkeys:
System settings -> Keyboard -> "Shortcuts" tab -> Input Sources
Set your hotkey to "Select the previous input source" (Select the previous input source), instead of "Select next source in input menu".

ivan_ef, 2022-04-06

You can check the keyboard shortcut settings for switching layouts, maybe something is wrong there.

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