vyacheslav842011-02-25 14:34:27
vyacheslav84, 2011-02-25 14:34:27

Choosing an email client under win7

Help with the choice of a functional and pretty (I really like the mailer on a poppy, but for a number of reasons I have to stay on Windows) mail client on win7, to work with Google mail.
Thank you.

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Mikhail Shevtsov, 2011-02-25

At one time I thought about an alternative to Windows Mail (there was one in Vista). I went through a bunch of sites, starting from Wikipedia with a comparison pagee-mail clients and ending directly with sites of particular interest. The result is not very happy, of all the mail clients, only two programs had all the necessary functions for me (IMAP, RSS and NNTP) and at the same time had a pleasant and convenient interface: Windows Live Mail (then it was, but I did not install it) and Mozilla Thunderbird . For those who use the Opera browser, the mailer built into it may be suitable. It also seems to be not bad, but somehow it is not always friendly with encodings correctly, although it may have already been fixed. In the end, I settled on Windows Live Mail and have been using its new version (Windows Live Mail 2011) on Windows 7 so far. Advantages - easy installation, configuration and use. Set and forget. From accounts I use Google Mail (IMAP) and Hotmail. Plus I read RSS. I no longer use NNTP, because Microsoft server closed.

amc, 2011-02-25

Windows Live Mail 2011
Native, cute and all.

Rafael Osipov, 2011-02-25

I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird with the Charamel
add-on installed. It works well and looks very nice.

gjf, 2011-02-25

I use TheBat 4.2.42. Everything works, everything suits. And in general, for a long time, my soul has grown to this agent - it has never let me down.

Jokeru, 2015-03-18

I use getmailbird.com. Simply the best email client for windows.

startsevdenis, 2011-02-25

And what does Googlemail itself not like? Well, in general, tell me some requirements for the functionality.

Andrey, 2011-02-25

I'm using the native web client as an installed app, with "Gmail Offline" options and alerts enabled (quite nice tray notifications)

maximivanov7965, 2014-11-09

Good free email client DioPost!
The paid version differs from the free one only in the presence of GOST cryptography (certified by the FSB for security classes KS1-KS3) and a user administration module with setting access rights and event auditing). For an ordinary user, all this is optional and the functionality of the free version (DioPost Lite) is enough.

Alexander, 2015-03-20

I use mozilla thunderbird

Vorchun, 2011-02-25

My wife has Windows Live. It turned out to be easier for her than Thunderbird.
I don't have anything on my laptop. It costs chrome and made a shortcut for Google mail (as an application). When clicked, chrome opens without extra menus. Checking at home on ubuntu was done through some third-party applet (installed through Ubuntu tweak), at work, checking using the Spiffy utility

madmaxcorp, 2011-02-25

Set up to receive from 4 boxes.

San Sanych, 2011-02-25

I use a portable Thunderbird . Like. However, non-portable also feels great on Win7 32/64.

IllariPosselt, 2011-02-25

Previously I used The Bat, I was satisfied with everything, but for the last two months I switched almost completely to Yandex.Mail, where I attached all my mailboxes with gmail

ReaderMan, 2011-02-26

Who is like. And everyone is happy with everything.

charon, 2011-02-26

Windows Live Mail is a good solution and the only 64-bit mail client for Windows. But there are drawbacks - very poor functionality. No templates, minimum settings. I indulged with him at my last job and was dissatisfied - this is not enough for me. And besides him, only Thunderbird.

vyacheslav84, 2011-02-26

And how to teach windows live 2011 to start at system startup and track mail in the tray, do not know?

Alexander, 2015-07-04

I like Gmail Notifier Pro

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