nicolausYes2012-09-04 19:51:53
nicolausYes, 2012-09-04 19:51:53

Choosing an advertising provider for an android application for Russian-speaking regions?

Good evening. Not so long ago, after finishing the development of the application, I thought about monetization and choosing an advertising provider.
Searched for a short time, chose Moblix. I connected it, turned on the test display of ads during testing, everything is fine. The release day came, turned off the test display, chose all possible services from which to take ads (including admob, smaato, etc.). A few days have passed, but the ad is still not displayed. Rather, I saw her 2 times for 200 requests. Returns an error that there are no ads. Moblix itself says that this means that either the services are not activated or there are no ads for my region. Since the services are enabled, there are no ads. Those. there is no point in using Moblix for Russian-speaking regions? By the way, when I saw the ad, I did click, but I didn’t see a single cent.
What do you advise to do?
Maybe use some other providers? What do you recommend?
Desirable to meet the following requirements:
- the cost per click is higher than admob
- the ability to withdraw to Ukraine (some kind of Direct deposit)
- high fill-rate
- the ability to hide the layout with advertising if it was not possible to receive it

public void onSuccessfulLoad(MobclixAdView view) {

public void onFailedLoad(MobclixAdView view, int errorCode) {

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Stepan, 2012-09-16

wapstart seems to have a SDK for android.

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