gylah-u2022-03-19 22:15:51
gylah-u, 2022-03-19 22:15:51

Can't start mac after update?

I threw off the poppy to the factory version of the OS, (OS X El Capitan), updated to Monterey and I can’t start it. When I try to enter safe mode - I get an apple and for a moment the screen flashes and then goes out. During normal loading, the apple is loaded and stops for Less than 1 minute, the cursor can move . I let him stand for the night, woke up in the morning, and he turned off and loads again when I turn it on. I can’t enter the recovery, the planet is loaded, after which at the end it’s an apple again.

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ABOMETP, 2022-03-30

reset to factory, if it starts up, update ufi, well, before that, reset pram and smoo

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