Optimus2015-07-18 23:01:24
Video cards
Optimus, 2015-07-18 23:01:24

Blocking download and modification of files on the server?

Is it possible to upload the necessary php files to the server and then prohibit uploading new files or changing current ones? Disable FTP? Or are there other options, methods?
There is no database, no cron tasks, only scripts are running.
As an option, than to monitor the slightest changes in files on the site, if I know for sure that on this site no files can be added, changed or renamed.

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Alexander, 2018-12-02

Yes, DDR5 is always better than DDR3
You can get a used gtx 750 for the same amount. I'm worth it, I'm not complaining

Yan, 2018-12-02

What should she be up to? To the curtains in the kitchen?
https://gamegpu.com/summary-hierarchy-of video cards/tab...
See what is there for your percent
By the way. Gt240 on ddr5 is almost the same (you can still overclock a little)
Think about it. Is it worth overpaying?
GeForce GTS 450 < it will be cheaper and faster
Everything on a 64-bit bus > office stub, not for games

Alexander Litvinenko, 2015-07-18
Pyan @marrk2

Set permissions on the file system and change ownership of files.

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