matveyyyyyyyy2020-11-20 14:17:12
matveyyyyyyyy, 2020-11-20 14:17:12

API for finding random gifs?

The task is such that, for example, with the !udar command, the bot will display an embed message. It contains text like "hit" and a GIF. So what api might be suitable for random gifs? I hope I explained clearly. Tell.

UPD: Here is a screenshot of an example (on the loading screen - GIF):5fb7a5acd9041252169198.png

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Alexey, 2016-09-15

Service - nethouse.ru

yurygolikov, 2016-09-15


Vasily Bannikov, 2020-11-20

Take a look at giphy - it's a popular gif host and they have a rich api that is used in all sorts of messengers.
And there is just a method for getting a random GIF

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