Ramil Z.2016-04-27 13:48:55
Apache HTTP Server
Ramil Z., 2016-04-27 13:48:55

Apache2 - url router. How to direct only certain addresses to a certain folder?

The essence of the question is as follows:
1. There is a domain: http://backend.example.com- /var/www/backend
2. And also: https://example.com- /var/www/frontend
It is necessary that some addresses (for example, https://example.com/payment/success) are directed to the /var/www/backend folder
How to do this did not find.

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Roman, 2016-04-27

As an option (as a crooked option):
a symlink in the /var/www/frontend directory to /var/www/backend ; mod_rewrite rule, from certain requests (/payment/success) to this symlink.

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