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Pier, 2013-07-23 18:36:55

Apache ActiveMQ vs RabbitMQ (or other)?

In search of a solution to one problem, I explored some MQ, namely Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ (zeromq only superficially). But I still can't decide which is the best. Both have integration with several languages.
You need to choose according to the criteria:
- fast, stable
- well-scalable
They say that ActiveMQ is worse than RabbitMQ, but so far I have not found confirmation in the bowels of the Internet.
Maybe someone from the habr-society can say something about one or the other.
Thanks in advance.

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Sergey, 2013-07-23
Protko @Fesor

We settled on RabbitMQ and there have been no problems with it yet.
Regarding comparisons and other things, you can read for example Here . They write that ActiveMQ releases suffer from bugs, which is very sad in production.

ivnik, 2013-07-24

Haven't tried RabbitMQ but have heard bad reviews.
ActiveMQ showed poor performance when working with KahaDB - I needed reliable message processing (activemq does sync after each log entry and this behavior was not configured, it was only possible to disable sync altogether), the performance was about 30 messages per second. But I tested a couple of years ago, maybe something has been done during this time.
I chose HornetQ for myself, it can be configured to sync the log in a separate thread N times per second, i.e. sacrificing a little reliability, you can get performance two to three orders of magnitude higher than with sync after each write to the log.

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