ettaluni2021-01-21 12:36:02
ettaluni, 2021-01-21 12:36:02

Anything on OpenVPN lighter?

For the second day I have been struggling with the OpenVPN settings, a whole, healthy footcloth of instructions for setting up certificate authorities and the north itself. I did everything as was said, but in the end, as usual, I got a muzzle! Stupidly I can not connect openVpn and the client.
There is something similar for VPN but easier to set up. VPN for VPS server...

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Andrey Barbolin, 2021-01-21

WireGuard - I have not seen anything easier in setting up.

zohan1993, 2021-01-21

With this script, everything is configured in 5 minutes.

ky0, 2021-01-21

For the second day I've been struggling with OpenVPN settings ...

Well, nothing - but as a result, you will understand and be able to consciously adjust, unlike the apologists of the cult "I did everything according to this guide, but it does not work ...".

Dmitry Shitskov, 2021-01-21

softether vpn - after running on the server, you can remotely connect with the "manager" and configure via gui. I think it will be easier.
The main thing is to change all passwords to manage the server part from the standard ones!

Drno, 2021-01-21

Put pptp - rises in 5 minutes

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