specialforyou2012-04-28 10:48:47
specialforyou, 2012-04-28 10:48:47

Anyone would like to participate in a meeting in Omsk?

I would like to hold a habra meeting in Omsk, including to find like-minded people and simply talented programmers.
Is there anyone who would like to attend such a meeting?
To make a presentation?

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Alexey Pomogaev, 2012-04-28

>Are there any people who want to come to such a meeting?
>Make a presentation?

AnnieOmsk, 2012-05-12

I can come and tell you about what I’m currently doing in terms of developing startups and to order (other people’s startups, in fact). This will most likely be a rehearsal of the report for the conference.

Ryav, 2012-04-28

I'm not quite a programmer, I play around a little with asma in my studies, that's all. Although at times I show desires to study python, but to no avail. If there are any other reports from IT topics, it would be quite possible to get together.

zhavoronok, 2012-04-28

I'm not a programmer, but I would come. Yes, and captured the familiar programmers.

Altf1, 2012-04-28

Yes, we could get together

specialforyou, 2012-04-28

Let's decide on a date, a place.
I propose May 12 or 18, in the evening.
The topic is mostly startups.
Other offers?

sap1ens, 2012-04-28

There are those who wish :)
Specialization - front-end development, there are also a couple of prepared reports

Skunk, 2012-04-28

Glad to attend. It is unlikely to make a presentation, all programming experience is based on trial and error in as3, c # and java, and even a student.

Marat Bektimirov, 2012-04-28

There is a desire. I can make a presentation. Create an event on Habré in the appropriate section. From my work I will try to pull up programmers.

cccr85, 2012-04-29

I would come to listen, there is nothing to tell. If all the same arrange, throw an invitation in a personal please.

Genome_X, 2012-04-29

And the subject of programming, what exactly is meant, web, desktop, or something else? I just started actively studying web development a couple of months ago, I have a lot of impressions, the flow of knowledge is, of course, priceless and sooo interesting :)

alexkorovyansky, 2012-05-10

I am ready to participate, it is interesting to discuss startups in Omsk. I can tell you about +GDG Omsk as a growing development community and an excellent platform for startups in our city.

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