shalakhin2012-09-08 01:56:23
Sublime Text
shalakhin, 2012-09-08 01:56:23

Anyone interested in buying a Sublime Text 2 license at a discount?

There is an offer to get together and buy licenses for Sublime Text 2 at a discount. The site http://www.sublimetext.com/buy states that for 10 licenses, the discount is -9$ per license.

Including me, my friend and colleagues who are also interested in this - we are 4 people (by the way, everything seems to be on Habré too). Perhaps there are 6 more who want to take part in this? :) If there are more of us, it will be even cheaper.

PS It turns out habrstarter (by analogy with kickstarter :) ). It's not hard to pay $59, but if you can buy cheaper, why not use it.

By correspondence with Sublime Text 2, the team found out that it is impossible to buy 10 nominal licenses in this way, and therefore I close this issue :(

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la0, 2012-09-17

Support answered.
>> Thanks for your interest in Sublime Text and apologies for the delayed reply. When purchasing 10+ licenses, a single license key is issued. These multi-user licenses are for use only within a single company. You would need to purchase 11 individual licenses.
I don't think it's an option for us :(

soroktu, 2012-09-08

I'm afraid when buying in bulk, all licenses will be for one name / organization.

la0, 2012-09-08

I just wrote to the support with this question (there will be keys for one person or not).
I am ready to join and (if necessary) organize this business.
In fact: ready to collect from all Poison (0%), WM (+0.8%), Sberbank (savings rate + 1%), Paypal

shalakhin, 2012-09-15

I wrote a question about nominal licenses and indeed, they give discounts only for licenses for organizations.
We have two options:

  • Buy a discounted license for an organization/group (for example, some HabraPeople)
  • Don't buy at all

What do you think?

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