tekkenot952021-05-10 10:31:53
tekkenot95, 2021-05-10 10:31:53

Anyone familiar with the wix-react-native calendar?

In general, there is a library for calendars in react-native from wix :

There is an opportunity to create a custom ( day component ) component for each number, for example, I created:

const currentDate = new Date().toISOString().slice(0, 10);
        [currentDate]: {
            marked: true,
            dotColor: THEME.INDIGO_COLOR,
            customStyles: {text: {fontFamily: 'Inter-SemiBold'}}
    dayComponent={(props) => (
        <DayComponent {...props} navigation={navigation}/>)} />

But the state transfer does not work, here is the main component itself, where I want to receive state and marking , as in principle it is written in the documentation:


So my day component looks like, where I want to show different variations of it depending on the state or marking that came in the props .

import React from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';
import Today from "./Today";

const DayComponent = ({date, state, marking}, navigation) => {

    const onDayPress = date => {
        navigation.navigate("JobOffer", {date: date})

    switch (marking) {
        case 'today': {
            return <Today date={date} onPressCallback={onDayPress}/>

DayComponent.propTypes = {
    date: PropTypes.any,
    state: PropTypes.any,
    marking: PropTypes.any,
    navigation: PropTypes.object,

export default React.memo(DayComponent)

But as a result, nothing comes up except date.
Therefore, I ask, maybe someone dealt with this calendar, and knows what could be the reason?


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2 answer(s)
Dimonchik, 2021-05-13

did the support load them? if a paid package - load safely, they answer

Kirill Makarov, 2021-07-05

Faced with the fact that when you clicked on the day, it was not marked, I did marking there and in order for everything to work, I had to make a loader and re-render

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