Ryadovoy2012-07-11 17:38:16
Ryadovoy, 2012-07-11 17:38:16

Anyone else having trouble finding a place in text when using the "Read More" button?

Clicking on the heading takes me to the top of the page, but clicking on the "Read More" button scrolls the page and I keep getting lost when I try to find the place where I read. At the same time, if I proceed to reading the article by title, there is no such problem.

It happens like this: I try to find the last word I read and I don't find it on the page, then I scroll up the page with the mouse wheel and see a piece of text (not from the very beginning) and get completely lost. After that, you either have to scroll to the very beginning in order to visually remember, or to read and look for a place from where to continue reading.

I believe that scrolling the page when you click the "Read More" button does not solve the positioning problem. Here, a habrakat line would work better, or an arrow on the side that appears before the paragraph from which you need to continue reading ...

In general, the question is how to be, can I write my improvement proposal somewhere (where?), And is it necessary? (maybe it already exists somewhere...)

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Andrey Kuntsevich, 2012-07-11

Same stuff. But I don't see anything wrong with that. It's just not convenient for me (because of which I go to the articles via the link in the title)

wscms, 2012-07-11

Read next assumes that you have read up to the button. And, accordingly, it scrolls you to habrakat.

Anatoly, 2012-07-11

Oddly enough, but this magic button throws _exactly_ to the place where you finished reading, namely to the next paragraph at the very beginning. But personally, in my Linux, the opera is buggy (everything is ok under Windows) and throws it a little lower, from which I don’t use it, but click on the title.

spmbt, 2012-07-12

In HabrAjax, when loading an article, the block of text before the kata is highlighted with a gray background, so the border and continuation are clearly visible. To go to the article, it's easy to make an extension that (1) removes the anchor, (2) highlights the block before the kata with a gray background (just like in HabrAjax ).

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