Dmitry2014-07-27 04:51:12
Raspberry Pi
Dmitry, 2014-07-27 04:51:12

Any version of Kali Linux won't start on Raspberry Pi, why?

Hello! I downloaded version 1.0.7 for Raspberry Pi (armel) from the official Kali Linux website and wrote it to the SD card using Win32imager (as advised on various sites dedicated to this topic). After inserting the SD card and connecting power to the Raspberry Pi, nothing happens, i.e. the system does not start. The red PWR indicator is on and that's it. At the same time, other operating systems for Raspberry Pi installed on the same SD card (such as ArkOS or FirefoxOS, or PWN pi and others) start and work. I tried to download and use other versions of Kali Linux, such as 1.0.8 or 1.0.6 (both armel and armhf), but this did not work.
Tried to write image to SD card in Ubuntu via dd command but same result.
Tell me, please, what am I doing wrong? How to run Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi?

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Artem, 2015-05-12

The SD card may not fit.

Mamed Bakhtyrov, 2015-08-21

The same problem is a flash drive for 4 and 8 gb and it does not load green and red and everything is silent
. I have pi b + Help please, can you know where to get the verified image.
I also wanted to ask why the image files are kali-linux-light-2.0-armhf.img.xz why img.xz
And not just .img like the file from the off site 2015-05-05-raspbian-wheezy.img
In general, if it’s not difficult, tell me who knows, I think it's not difficult, I'm just a teapot and I've been messing around for 2 days already))))

jezuser, 2015-09-15

There was a similar problem. I tried various cards, recorded images in different systems, but the result was zero. For the sake of interest, I decided to record using a different card reader. It helped and everything started up on all the cards))) Maybe it will help someone the same way.

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