linklee2015-09-23 21:28:22
linklee, 2015-09-23 21:28:22

Any usability tips?

Hello everyone, I made a landing for myself (well, it was originally a landing, then I decided to remake it into a mini catalog)
here is a site for trading equipment
Now I set up a direct for it, I’m going to launch it the other
day occasion)
The directive is configured so that the request that the user entered in Yandex and which went to the site was transmitted as a parameter via url. For example, the link above shows how the site would look like for bar equipment.
You can also download the price list in all directions, but for refrigeration equipment only on order because there are more than 1k positions.
The question is the following:
Is it possible to launch the site or are there still some errors due to which the conversion will tend to zero?
(Now we assume that the direct is set up more or less normally, and another clarification, I know that because for several directions, it’s better to make a catalog - but at this stage it’s long and expensive, so something in between a landing page and a catalog turned out)

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Alexey Karpan, 2015-09-24

As for the direct, I'll say this - it's better not to run it at all than to run "more or less normal". Do you have extra money? Approach this issue very, very meticulously, just take your time. Further. Make the logo and slogan more prominent. Further. I would make the order of work by numbering (from 1 to 4), or between them by arrows, i.e. from left to right, underline the sequence of actions. There are also very conversion buttons under each action (call back, sign up for a project, print a contract, find out about delivery (under each one)). Further. When you click on the photo in our projects, the Close button is visible, replace it with "Close". And insert the card at the very bottom, because you have the address of the company, show it! Good luck, otherwise good!

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