mmib2013-04-22 14:56:12
Data recovery
mmib, 2013-04-22 14:56:12

Any idea how to recover photos from SD card?

There is a SanDisk extreme 32 GB SD card
at one point when the camera was turned on, the camera gave a card error. After that, the map is not defined anywhere.
testdisk sees the partition and filenames, but not all of them. I tried to restore the files with it - the process takes a very long time. During the night, two files of 15 MB each were restored, the data in them turned out to be broken, but the Nikon software opens - such files would already be enough (but there were about a thousand of them on the map)
The dump from the flash drive merges very slowly, 14 Gig in 4 hours, on this At the stage, I decided to see what was in the dump - and almost everything is there - zeros.
I tried testdisk under Windows and Ubuntu, with different card readers ... I
wrote in support of sandisk - silence.
PS I will never buy Sandisk again.

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Vampiro, 2013-04-22

Plusan for promoting backups. I don't know how to help :(

las68, 2013-04-22

ZAR - Zero Assumption Recovery. I got them data from hopeless disks and cards. Works.

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