chess922020-04-20 20:57:59
IT education
chess92, 2020-04-20 20:57:59

Any good video tutorials for learning C# can you recommend? or clear books for beginners?

I want to learn and practice. I need video tutorials or understandable books

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#, 2020-04-20

The problem is that everyone's level of understanding is different. as well as different levels of diligence in the exercise. no one will determine the suitability of a lesson / book for you, except for you
ps video tutorials from Russian-speaking amateurs, most often they suck. or you need English, this is for most of the lessons from Microsoft. all the freshest and most suitable there,
but it’s better first with text
and here
https:/ /docs.microsoft.com/ru-ru/dotnet/csharp/tut...
pps and about books - even the best ones are sorely behind the new products. This is the life cycle of a publication. often say -good books provide a foundation . the best base is given by books on applied mathematics))
and the language can be raised using the links above without problems. the rest is just a lot, a lot, a lot of
ppps practice after the base of the language, something like this, the very thing https://www.codewars.com/

Alexander, 2020-05-02


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