Alexander2020-01-19 18:25:39
Alexander, 2020-01-19 18:25:39

Any advice on sensible UX/UI design courses?

Recommend smart UX/UI design courses

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Sergey Kondrashevsky, 2020-01-19

Here is a good course, from Andrey Gavrilov and WayUp Link to the course

Alina Frolenkova, 2020-01-20

To be honest, I really liked the course from Skill Box, they created it together with AIC. Everything is very cool, without excess water, etc. Recommend)

Nikolai Litvinov, 2020-01-20

There are plenty of them on the Internet and they are available for free.

Ivanka, 2020-02-12

Gavrilov’s course on vaping didn’t go to me at all, it didn’t help at all. This was my first course and I was disappointed. Fortunately, then I accidentally stumbled upon the SaniQuo marathon and rushed) I was carried away a lot, a person’s eyes burn from what he is doing and it’s great to teach others

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