dev4002016-06-22 21:50:15
Solid State Drives
dev400, 2016-06-22 21:50:15

Antivirus ruining SSD?

Windows computer, ssd 128 gb. They mainly use phpstorm, notepad ++ on it, in general they work with php. What to put antivirus, so as not to ruin the disk? After all, antiviruses analyze files and possibly overwrite some, and this is a drive resource

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web-mechanic, 2016-06-22

And then you just do not turn on the computer and everything will be ok: D
Personally, for 2080 hours of disk operation, I have recorded about 1800 GB - this is 1/15 of the nominal resource, I have been using it for 7 months.
In this mode, I can operate it for another 8 years.
Let's make allowance for the fact that ssdlife is lying and let it be 6 more years ahead, not a single hard one has lived so long with me.

Michael, 2016-06-22

They read more than they write.

Espleth, 2016-06-23

Buying an SSD and being afraid for its resource is like buying a Moto X Force and stuffing it into a thick bumper so as not to break it.

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