Ulyan Romanov2015-07-01 01:12:46
Ulyan Romanov, 2015-07-01 01:12:46

Anti-Surge, what is the reason for shutting down?

I didn’t ask anyone, where I just didn’t look for information, the last hope for a toaster.
Mother: ASUS М5А78l-M/USB3
PSU like without a company for 500V Proc
.: FX8350
Video: GTX750 TI
The fact is that the PC turns off due to Anti-Surge, which, even if you turn it off in the BIOS, still cuts off the computer. I tried to connect to other sockets, change the UPS - to no purpose. Recently I tested it without a laptop, which was plugged into the same UPS, the computer did not turn off (later it turned off anyway). It cuts out under load, for example in GTA5, I can play 4 hours, I can play less than 5 minutes. If you just surf, draw in adobe and other software, then everything is ok. They can’t help on the forums, Yulmart already 2 times only changes the PSU to the same one (you see, this is the policy, you can’t change parts separately in the assembly).
BIOS version 2001.
I checked the voltage in Hades on the 12V line, the voltage jumps from 11.2 to 12.1. At loads it reaches 11.2, in idle time 12.1-12
If you need some screenshots to figure it out, I can throw it off. I don't have a multimeter so I can't measure it. There are no spare PSUs either, however, as well as motherboards.
The PC is new, purchased in early April, the month of use was normal. A month later, it all started. I remember like then I climbed to clean it from dust, pulled out the video card, after turning it on all the problems started. But since that time, everything has been turned on and off two hundred times.

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@ntkt, 2015-07-01

0) "BP seems to be without a company" - unfortunately, noname BP is a clear mistake. So it makes no sense to save on BP.
1) "PC is shutting down due to Anti-Surge" -- how did you set that up?
2) "Yulmart already 2 times only changes the PSU to the same one" - if the components were selected by the store employee, then they should solve hardware problems according to all concepts and other consumer rights.
3) "change the UPS" - the UPS does not solve all problems with the quality of the mains. UPSs are different, and only the most expensive models that operate in the so-called. "online" mode, always give out a decent sine waveform at the output of 220 volts of amplitude. For cheap models, the output is the same as the input, until the voltage goes beyond the established limits. But only then the inverter turns on,

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