lagudal2020-05-12 14:21:47
lagudal, 2020-05-12 14:21:47

Another question about the adaptive table. Or better not a table?

There is a drawing that needs to be translated in some way into a form that is digestible for all resolutions.
There is an opinion to make everything a table, well, that is, not necessarily a tabular layout, but for example flex - for desktops 5 columns in 3 rows, in mobile resolutions on the contrary - 5 rows, the first 2 rows of 3 columns, the remaining 3 rows of 2 columns.
Or maybe something else that will help you look better?5eba86b8e5943877618568.jpeg

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approximate solution, 2020-05-12

For desktops, 5 columns in 3 rows, in mobile resolutions, on the contrary, 5 rows, the first 2 rows have 3 columns, the remaining 3 rows have 2 columns.

That's right, you described the standard grid. In the figure, the elements look disgusting, because the proportions are not respected (different indents, pictures of different sizes, amount of text, etc.). Draw in any form (on paper, in Photoshop) the basic markup, beautifully break the elements, and typeset.
If it's a picture, then just nicely crop each element and scatter in size, or make a separate additional wrapper for each element that will align and center.

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