RegX192019-09-04 16:48:27
RegX19, 2019-09-04 16:48:27

Can you rate the framework?

I found one interesting microframework on github . It seems to have already implemented the MVC concept and some kind of OOP. This is exactly what is needed. Plus, there are protections and validators and error handlers
. But it's embarrassing that the commits were a long time ago, the framework is not very popular and it is not known how it will behave under heavy load and complex structure.
I tried to get acquainted with Lara, everything is somehow difficult. Yes, and the deadlines are too tight, there is no time to thoroughly study everything. And in miniphp everything is clear, I figured out the main features by "digging" the demo site sources for literally a day.
Who has free time (and desire to make some kind of audit of someone else's code), please give comments on the structure of the framework, implementation, code
Thanks in advance to everyone who responds

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Ivan Bogachev, 2018-03-11

Absolute positioning, cutting out images, before/after... Oh, and they come up with all sorts of things...

.example {
    background: linear-gradient(to right, #F0F3BD, #F0F3BD), // левая граница
        linear-gradient(to right, #F0F3BD 0%, #F0F3BD 70%, #fff 70%, #fff 100%), // верхняя
        linear-gradient(to right, #F0F3BD 0%, #F0F3BD 70%, #fff 70%, #fff 100%), // нижняя
        linear-gradient(to right, #fff, #fff); // правая
    background-size: .5rem 100%, 100% .5rem, 100% .5rem, .5rem 100%;
    background-position: top left, top left, bottom left, top right;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;

One element. One background. For everything else, there is CSS.
code pen

cristalex, 2018-03-11

There are several options:
1) Cut this stroke with a picture and put the picture on the background. But there will be problems if the block size changes.
2) Make the outline of the main block blue. And on top already impose another block (you can use before or after) with a white border (disable the left border). The block itself should be positioned absolutely on top of the main border.
And well, do not forget to explain to the designer that you should not do this even if the customer really wants it. And the designers themselves often have such a wild imagination that the developer wants to launch something heavy in them...
Good luck!!

Alex-HAV, 2018-03-11

Can you see the source code?

Konata Izumi, 2019-09-04

With this framework, you will surely fail the project, because. instead of writing business logic, you will add
the framework itself, attach missing components to it, fix bugs, etc.

Northern Lights, 2019-09-04

I have a better framework :)

grinat, 2019-09-04

There is no orm, no normal models, no migrations, IMHO it is not needed. Of the simple and popular in the Russian Federation, there is yii2

artyomkulakov, 2019-09-05

What is presented in the link is bad.
Very funny. A reason to think if a framework with one of the lowest entry thresholds seems difficult for you. You can try Codeigniter - usually everyone started their acquaintance with frameworks with it before.

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