ziss2017-11-24 12:40:46
ziss, 2017-11-24 12:40:46

Another person wants to work under my upwork profile. Feeling a kick?

Hello! I got into an interesting situation, I have a profile with Rising telent on upwork, I agreed to an offer, I was asked to skype. Already in it, the dude began to say that his profile was blocked, and he is a super-duper developer and he needs my profile, he can earn a lot of dough on upwork (well, he's like a super-developer) and will give me 10%. This is of course very good, but I feel that something is not right here. What do you think?

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Zapletin Evgeniy, 2017-11-24

Very often such offers come last year. I do not agree, but one acquaintance carried out projects for 30% for a Chinese.
The first project lasted a couple of weeks and the price was around $1000. Nothing was passed through the upwork (specification, messages between the freelancer client) and everything ended successfully. A month later, the client was banned and the freelancer's account was suspended, he had to come up with specifications for the project and confirm the reality of the project in order to be unbanned.
After that, my friend did not want to do this anymore. But a few months later, again an offer and again a thirst for free money. As a result, everything goes well again, but after a while the client is banned again + many questions to the freelancer with account suspension. I barely managed to get away, probably helped by a large amount of reputation on past real projects.
In general, it is realistic to carry such a project and get away with it, but I would not advise it, since the risk is very high.

sim3x, 2017-11-24

Upwork does not block super-developers
Say that if a job appears, then you will contact him, if he leaves contacts, links to his profiles and a price tag for work
If you really want to manage, then you need to look towards creating an agency and recruiting normal staff , such that he is not banned

In the old days: horses put in front along the route to change the tired ones.

vism, 2017-11-24

Well, you are a programmer. You have to think logically, right?
If he's telling the truth, does it bother you?
Clue. His profile has been blocked.

stratosmi, 2019-01-31

Well, let's think logically.
There are 2 options:
Another question - if you do not need and will not need Upwork and want free money, then ...

Anton Filippov, 2017-11-24

This is a violation of the rules + also a divorce.
Lose your profile, if not from a scammer, then from an upwork ban.

Puma Thailand, 2017-11-24

You need to understand this is a direct path to Ban

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