Andrew2012-08-26 18:32:29
Andrew, 2012-08-26 18:32:29

Another html problem. How to solve it?

There is such a menu

This is how its html

looks like This is how css links look like

Question How to remove spaces between menu items (visible when selected)? Preferably without using float: left.

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SerDIDG, 2012-08-26

If it is not possible to change the layout as advised above, then there is a dirty fix.

avalak, 2012-08-26

The most "beautiful", as it seems to me, option .
Well, or remove the spaces between the links (the layout is disfigured). Or you can fill the space <-- -->

freeek, 2012-08-26

1. We read .
2. We draw the necessary conclusions.

Nazar Mokrinsky, 2012-08-26

Try to pull out the links in one line, without hyphens, but in general a demo would be, and you could dig deeper there.

Genome_X, 2012-08-26

In general, the author is a bit strange. Of course, I understand everything, but the second question on the same topic gives the impression that the author is not particularly trying to solve something himself. What prevents you from going to the same htmlbook.ru and finding the necessary answers to your questions there? Yes, even in many video tutorials, such questions are always covered in detail, there are many solutions. you can even look at the code of any page on the Internet. Or laziness?

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