eterr2016-06-17 23:19:44
eterr, 2016-06-17 23:19:44

Anonymous torrent download?

Task: organize anonymous torrent downloading. The torrent network should not have my ip, it is also necessary that the provider cannot find out what I am downloading. Is there any way to achieve this other than seedbox?
Also, I don't quite understand how a VPN works. If I use a VPN, will the torrent traffic be sent directly to my computer or will the file be first saved on the VPN server and then transferred to me? Is this solution appropriate? How low (percentage, approximate) will the speed be?

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Egor Nevedov, 2016-06-18

As far as I know, there is no way to completely anonymize for a long time. If you want complete anonymity, live in Siberia without a phone)
But otherwise, as long as no one needs you, VPN will do. Traffic is encrypted between you and VPN, that is, your provider sees only the fact of the connection and the transfer of encrypted data. The speed, as always, depends on the connection speed, the encryption itself should not greatly affect, because. hardware accelerates, only ping will suffer, depending on distances, etc.
Well, vpn sees everything, writes logs and accumulates dossiers, of course) what, so choose vpn.

Ruslan, 2020-01-08

Tribler BiglyBT

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