Viktor2019-06-28 12:40:05
Viktor, 2019-06-28 12:40:05

Anonymous pre-moderation of news on Wordpress?

Good health to all.
The situation is as follows, there is an internal site on WP, without access from outside. It has a "Company News" section. One of the users with the "Author" role posts articles in this section. What I wanted to get: the author sent links to his articles for pre-moderation to different heads of departments, and each of these heads, without registering on the site , by clicking on the link in the letter, could go and read this article without registration.

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Denis Yanchevsky, 2019-06-28

I'll add one more option to yarovikov 's answer .
Plugin Public Post Preview .
Generates a temporary link (48 hours by default) for unpublished posts.

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