Nikita2014-08-28 10:08:55
Nikita, 2014-08-28 10:08:55

Anonymous access to FTP?

I ran into a problem.
I want everyone to be able to access my ftp without a login and password.
I climbed for a long time, read, etc., but nothing happened, ISS 8 is blocking
Filezilla access somewhere
. what is the problem ?
I think users of wines 2012 faced such a problem

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oia, 2014-08-28


Nikita, 2014-08-28

In general, the trouble is now something else, I cut off my fpt which is connected to the site on port 21
and set port 21 to public ftp and profit it works,
but if I set port 212 for example, it will not load the list sheet
, what could be the matter?

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