Philip Shishkin2017-10-03 09:19:18
Philip Shishkin, 2017-10-03 09:19:18

Anonymity when using TOR in a virtual machine via VPN (vipnet)?

I use vipnet at work to create a secure network. There is a security service that monitors the traffic of employees for the presence of YouTube, VK, peek-a-boo and other things. virtualke, will the SB see this traffic? they don’t look at WHAT I watch on YouTube, but how long I sit there.

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CityCat4, 2017-10-03

For SB, the fact that there is a vkontaktik inside the torus inside the vipnet is not needed. For SB, the fact that there is a wipnet is sufficient if it is not agreed with the leadership or a torus inside the wipnet if the wipnet is agreed. After discovering it, they can already be called to talk.
At least that's what I would do. A common mistake of all those who want to be smarter than an IS specialist is a misunderstanding of the fact that the very use of any kind of protection already marks you no worse than a radio bomb.

Ivan, 2017-10-03

No, but in principle they can calculate Thor if it matters. And look at the DNS did not sleep.

Philip Shishkin, 2019-05-24

test answer

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