cybery4k2011-05-22 02:40:46
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cybery4k, 2011-05-22 02:40:46

Anonymity in the network or how to build a chain of proxies?

Good day, comrades!
What can be done to ensure the greatest possible anonymity on the network?
Anonymous proxies? Are there any at all? After all, proxies usually write logs that persist for a long period of time. Or maybe there is a list of provably anonymous proxies that clean the logs every couple of hours?
A chain of anonymous proxies - how can it be built? And what is the data transfer rate with this design? Those. Is it possible with such a design not only to surf and check mail, but for example download torrents?

Thanks in advance!

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Maxim Dyachenko, 2011-05-22

Downloading torrents through a proxy is paranoia.
For normal surfing, even for watching small videos, it is quite possible to make cascades.
If you are acting Bin Laden, then buy yourself some zombies from ddosers. Literally, a dozen zombie breeders each have a thousand, and GVA in China, to which everything will flock. You will stand behind the Chinese, and at the front, take the GVA in Moscow or Kyiv in order to have a static IP. Approximately two-thirds of the zombies will have to drive the left traffic, build in chains and disintegrate, for conspiracy. Gather the main pool into several dozen chains of ten nodes each. Drive traffic through them in parallel. Be sure to send left traffic symmetrically so that it is impossible to understand without decoding whether you are the end point of this network or the same zombie as everyone else. Well, this is so, if they suddenly find a Chinese. Chains are naturally sorted by providers to complicate the task of tracking. In principle, this will be enough;)
But seriously, almost any hosting has SSH. If this is a hosting with a large number of sites and users, then the IP logs will not give anything. Well, where did you go and what tunneled no one logs. For the paranoid, you can make a cascade of two or three tunnels.
In general, one tunnel behaves pretty well. Ping grows by an average of 30% if the server is located correctly (if the traffic is mostly Russian and the server is in M9, then the ping will not suffer much). My speed was 600-800 kilobits, which is quite good for surfing. I did not do double and triple cascades.

Nesp, 2011-05-22

A SIM card bought in the transition replaces 50 proxies =)

AnViar, 2011-05-22


Bo0oM, 2011-05-22

Isn't it easier to take a VPN without logs and not worry?

Puma Thailand, 2011-05-22

No downloading torrents is not possible.
The main hope of cascading proxies is that the special services will not be able to send requests to several countries where they are located, but if you really need them, then be sure they will find you.

KY05, 2011-05-22

Socks can be for torrents.

Stalker_RED, 2011-05-23

anonymous proxies exist.
proxies without logging also exist.
their lists also exist.
another thing is how much you can trust them, and whether you can find "good and freebies."
if you really care about anonymity, then servers for proxy and / or VPN should be bought (of course anonymously) or broken. "Left Simka" does not hurt, ideally disposable. tube too. access the network from different locations. operating system - some widespread live-cd image in a virtual machine. ubuntu for example.
if torrents are already impatient - in this case it is better to upload them to some dedicated server, and then download the files from it.
well, in general, there are more niche things for anonymous file sharing, such as perfect dark.
that's all if anonymity is really needed. and if you're worried about getting caught downloading "the best movie," then you probably shouldn't bother so much.

afiskon, 2011-05-23

TOR, I2P, VPN, Socks, ssh-port-forwarding , anonymizers. For web surfing, VPN + Socks + anonymizer will be quite reliable and not slow down much.

vabole, 2011-05-23

There is a special anonymous service for torrents: btguard.com/

smartlight, 2011-05-23

just do not forget that our ISPs, as well as their foreign partners, keep connection logs for about 2 years.

pekeseba, 2014-07-10

I recommend vpn from shadeyouvpn. The solution to your problem in a simple and affordable way.

Spamka, 2015-11-04

ALTVPN works without logs, decent in terms of speed and stability. Dear user, try, use, hide on health)

Edikan, 2016-02-22

For such purposes, it is better to use VPN. Link to setting up a connection on a computer www.securevpn.pro/rus/setup

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