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GSDGESGEDG, 2022-02-17 10:14:13

Anonymity and security of virtualbox networks?

Hello, which type of network connection in VirtualBox is more anonymous, secure and so that guest traffic does not come into contact with Host traffic?

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Drno, 2022-02-17

No. The virtual network works through the host network
If you plan to isolate from each other - then the NAT network

hint000, 2022-02-17

so that guest traffic does not come into contact with host traffic
Virtual machines will not see host traffic in any case.
The virtual machine will not see the traffic of another virtual machine in any case.
The host will see virtual machine traffic.
A similar question about anonymity shows the need to start by defining what anonymity is. You may be giving this word a meaning that is different from the generally accepted one. I'll give you a quote.
Privacy is when no one sees what you are doing, but potentially knows who you are...
Anonymity is when no one knows who you are, but potentially sees what you are doing.

Different options for setting up a virtual network are not about anonymity or security at all. There are other tools for this.

Vladimir Korotenko, 2022-02-17

Virtual networks are no different from real ones. If you run a wireshark, then the packets will be caught, all the rules are the same as for physical networks.

CityCat4, 2022-02-17

No. If your host is not trusted, do not work on it. The VM will not see the traffic of another VM, but the host will see the traffic of all VMs anyway (especially if the network drivers are paravirtual)

Ilya bow, 2022-02-18

The one that is produced through a separate USB card.

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