Jazzist2011-09-12 12:30:34
open source
Jazzist, 2011-09-12 12:30:34

Announce free project

I'm going to announce a free project to attract accomplices.

And then I’ll write something, and then they will say, “well, why did you write about it, but you didn’t write about it, it should have been the other way around.”

What exactly to write in a post?

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Lampus, 2011-09-12

Generally some kind of spatial issue.
What exactly is the problem?
You can write very simply:
Hello, I'm developing $projectname. The project is written in $language_name.
$projectname is $description.
I started this project because other projects like $analogues_list didn't work for me for the following reasons: $reasons_list.
My $projectname has the following advantages over existing counterparts: $features_list.
If you are interested in my project, you can join the development.
Project address: $url (well, there is already {git,svn,hg,etc}, a wiki with a description, a description of the Coding Style used in the code, code documentation generated, for example, by Doxygen, etc.)

northicewind, 2011-09-12

I believe that you need to write the main idea of ​​​​the project and the problem that you want to solve with its help. Describe the technologies used, maturity, and known issues. Write what kind of help you need and, I think, if the idea is close to someone, then they will definitely help you

sskalmykov, 2011-09-12

I suppose information about the project ;-)
I don't understand what you want to hear in response.

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