P4tRicK2019-11-13 13:49:42
P4tRicK, 2019-11-13 13:49:42

Animation Tools?

Can you please tell me what tools are currently used to create animation?
Now there are a lot of tools on the market that just run your eyes, a short list of what I found
1) 3ds Max
2) Maya
3) Houdini
4) Adobe After Effects
5) 4D Cinema
6) Ado Animation CC
7) Daz 3D
8) Abode Premier Pro
9) Abode Illustrator
Please tell me what are the differences between the most popular, advantages and disadvantages, highly recommend Houdini

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Slavik KENNY, 2019-11-13

Animation has long become a too generalized term, and has been divided into a bunch of areas - character animation, Motion capture, simulation of the physics of solids, tissues, simulation of liquids and bulk materials, destruction of objects, etc.
Each package has its pros and cons, each has additional modules (add-ons) that expand the functionality, and something new is constantly invented and appears :)
Adobe After Effects is a wonderful thing for video editing and applying effects.
Houdini is now considered to be the best package for simulating the physical interactions of bodies of various types, but, for example, not so long ago a beta version of the TyFlow plugin (for 3D MAX) appeared in the public domain - in which there were also a lot of possibilities for animating materials.
For example, what was done in it (as a demonstration of materials, I really liked the clip) - https://youtu.be/r2LpOUwca94?list=PLawaC0kVIGuLvGm...
But the official presentation of the possibilities - https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=ct3vWWl86f8&list=P...
Do not think that I am campaigning for MAX, not at all, I mean that any modern package can make the main types of animation, and it is better to use what you are used to and what you know better. Exceptions are possible if you can’t get what you need in your favorite package in any way - then it’s only worth learning another package, or maybe it will be easier to write a module yourself :)

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