massef2016-12-27 03:03:33
massef, 2016-12-27 03:03:33

Animation question, is this even possible with CSS?

I posted an example codepen.io/anon/pen/yVdeWZ
The problem is in the jump when the animation ends. Watch for 10 seconds.
I tried to animate with one element, in the background of which there is a long picture (6k + px), but even then there is a jump.
I understand that it will not work without a jump?
I think you can easily implement this in JS through SVG or Canvas, I can pull points into the path element. But then I don't understand how to animate it.
In general, tell me what are the suitable options here, articles / examples / are welcome.

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xmoonlight, 2016-12-27

And why not make a "comb"? (2 layers interleaved)

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