WebforSelf2020-10-04 20:45:10
WebforSelf, 2020-10-04 20:45:10

Animation on scroll, is there anything besides wow and animate.css?

I always used the wow.js +animate.css bundle, but I saw that this design was still published in 2015, 5 years have passed, is there anything interesting to connect the animation when scrolling the page? preferably free.

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Vitaliy Pershin, 2020-10-04


AlexBattlehater, 2020-10-05

Intersection observer and animate to your heart's content. There is an example on MDN, but with lazy loading. You do the same, but instead of loading the image, you add a class to the element when it is in the viewport. I wanted to throw off the link - but I'm writing from a mobile phone, I didn't find it so quickly. 10-15 lines of code.

evgeniy2024, 2020-10-05

Watch the video on YouTube "Freelancer in the life of animation" everything will be told there

Yuri, 2020-10-08

Actual GSAP + plugin for it ScrollTrigger (instead of ScrollMagic, which is no longer supported normally)

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