Pavel Volintsev2015-09-04 23:47:43
Web development
Pavel Volintsev, 2015-09-04 23:47:43

Animation loading and scaling?

Two years ago, I saw an animation of load distribution for systems with High Availability on the main page of some hoster.

There you specify how many databases you need, how many mirrors to them, how many databases for horizontal scaling, how many backend servers, how many frontend servers, how many cache servers, how many balancers, how many firewalls.

The expected load "number of requests per second" was also indicated.
At the same time, the passage of requests was constantly animated and it showed where performance would conditionally begin to sag.

Isometric view - like here www.slideshare.net/MikeRicca/earthlink-business-cl... on slide 18 or like here www.anchor.com.au/custom-hosting-solutions/, just moving.
Made in Flash, I guess.
The hoster most likely provided cloud solutions.

I really want to play with this flash drive again.

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