Alexey Pomogaev2012-01-06 22:14:58
Alexey Pomogaev, 2012-01-06 22:14:58

Animation in HTML5 Canvas on Android Default Browser

Has anyone tried to make games for android smartphones using html5 canvas? I decided to try it, but there are brakes and jerks in the sprite animation, I got into android issues and found this topic code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?can=2&start=0&num=100&q=html5&colspec=ID%20Type %

. everything is fast and smooth, just like on a PC.

If anyone is not broke, drive this demo dl.dropbox.com/u/2350050/html5/test/index.xhtml on your devices in the default Android browser and compare with a PC.

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4 answer(s)
Strange, 2012-01-07

LG P690 - the flight is quite normal

Zigmar, 2012-01-07

HTC Desire Z on 2.3.3 - everything is OK
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 3.2 - everything is also smooth

Desiderata, 2012-01-07

HTC Desire with Android 2.3.3 - everything is fine.

palmut, 2012-01-07

Nexus One with Android 2.3.6 - everything is fine, only the movement stops if you slide your finger across the screen.
Acer Iconia A500 with Android 3.2.1 everything is smooth, but if you make a big zoom, it starts to slow down, it also stops if you move your finger across the screen.

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