Boobtschebeznika2021-09-24 14:16:23
Boobtschebeznika, 2021-09-24 14:16:23

Animation and creation of 3-d models?

Hey! Perhaps some people remember me for the last question (I flattered myself), which brought everything to a violent state (sorry, but there were too many exclamatory sentences in the answers (just kidding). True, it’s my own fault: the question is stupid. Well, oh well. Now In short

, recently an idea came to the head of a buzz of warning and knock: to make a spatial model of a news studio and a figurine of the presenter. etc.) Then you can overlay an audio track and voila: a news channel with millions of views (just kidding)).

I just don't know what programs are needed for all this. I'm only familiar with blender and makehuman. Only the animation there will turn out to be useless (well, suppose I want the speaker to roll his eyes. (

Who can advise what?

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Alexander Pavlyuk, 2021-09-24

Blender is perfect. Since you are already familiar with it, it is worth continuing in this direction.
Learn how to properly create characters, how to rig, how to animate.

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