protalina2020-09-02 20:17:01
protalina, 2020-09-02 20:17:01

Animated change of two images for a website page?

How to perform such a task in JAVASCRIPT: A photo of the solved problem is displayed on the site page (repaired swing, for example) - this is the photo "AFTER repair". When you hover over the "AFTER repair" photo, the "BEFORE repair" photo (broken swing) should be animated instead of it.
Animation style - "zoom".
After moving the mouse pointer from the "BEFORE repair" photo, the initial "AFTER repair" photo appears with the same animation style.

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Sergey, 2015-08-05
Protko @Fesor

wkhtmltopdf, phantomjs

V Sh., 2015-08-05

Use XSLT transformations. As far as I remember, converting to PDF is easy there.

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