Archakov Dennis2016-02-22 15:33:40
Archakov Dennis, 2016-02-22 15:33:40

AngularJS or browser cache template?

I use this code:

app.controller('MakeOrders', ['$scope', '$compile', function($scope, $compile) {
  $scope.showOrder = function(id){
    var title_id = '00000'.substr(0,5-id.toString().length)+id;
    $('.panel-header h1').text('Заказ №'+title_id);

    var compiledeHTML = $compile("<div order-Info></div>")($scope);


app.directive('orderInfo', function() {
  return {
    templateUrl: '/res/admin/order-info.html'

This is just part of the code. In general, everything is displayed normally. But, when I open another order, the same content as from the first one appears. But the strangest thing is that the content is cached (sort of). I used $templateCache.removeAll() does not help, writes an error. I don't understand how to properly clear the information if I open a new order?
And what is the best thing to do in this situation? When I open an order in AJAX and get JSON , which I use to display information in this html

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lega, 2016-02-22

Angular caches templates, and the browser also caches requests.
And for data, you need to use unique urls, either mark them as not cacheable, or use non-cached post / put or websockets requests. $http should help with that.

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