zhivulinal2016-08-03 18:51:07
zhivulinal, 2016-08-03 18:51:07

AngularJS + jQuery find() how to find an element in a view?

Just got started with Angular. There is a question: how to find an element using jQuery.find()
I try to search in the container into which views are thrown ...
I am also just getting acquainted with MVC logic, maybe someone will tell you something sensible ...

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Nicholas, 2016-08-03

If you are attaching a plugin, wrap the plugin in a . In Angular, all work with the DOM must be done in directives. Inside the directive in the link function, one of the parameters is the element.

sugadu, 2016-08-03

For lookups by tag name, try instead angular.element(document).find(...) or $document.find(), or use the standard DOM APIs, eg document.querySelectorAll().

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