Andrey Pavlyuk2016-09-23 15:38:47
Andrey Pavlyuk, 2016-09-23 15:38:47

AngularJS: How to filter object (Error: [filter:notarray])?

There is a data object for forming a select tag through angular.

"name":"Group 1: №1",

An html object is formed from this template (used controlerAs):
<select ng-model="row.ID" ng-options="row_item.ID as row_item.name disable when row_item.disable for row_item in app.data.rows | filter:rowDisabled" class="form-control"></select>

There is a function in the controller, according to which the select data should be filtered and row_item.disable = true should be set for certain items.
BilCtrl.rowDisabled = function() {
        return function (rows) {
            var result = {};
            angular.forEach(rows, function(row, key) {
                row.disable = false;
                if( row_item.buyed )
                    row.disable = true;
                for( var i in BilCtrl.rows ){
                    if (!BilCtrl.rows.hasOwnProperty(i))
                    if( BilCtrl.rows[i].ID == row.ID )
                        row.disable = true;
                result[key] = row;
            return result;

But this beauty gives me an error: Error: [filter: notarray]
I still couldn't apply the filter. Can't filters be applied to objects? Only arrays? In the example, they use for the object ...

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Vladimir, 2016-09-23

In general, custom filters are written differently
Section Creating custom filters

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