Dmitry Arushanov2015-01-29 21:46:39
Dmitry Arushanov, 2015-01-29 21:46:39

AngularJs. How to dynamically connect a module?

Good day to all. There is an application on Angular.Js. Here is the main module.
angular.module('app', ['module1', 'module2']);
Is there any way to dynamically connect modules.
For example, there is an application and several modules that complement it. The set of complementary modules may vary. Is there a mechanism to dynamically connect them.
I do not consider the process of how to find out if this module exists or not, how to find out the name of the module, etc. Let's stop on the fact that I know all this. If the option is to inject my module dynamically.

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TekVanDo, 2015-01-29

You can - information on the topic habrahabr.ru/post/178753 , or a ready-made extension ocLazyLoad

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