sanex33392015-04-23 18:13:09
sanex3339, 2015-04-23 18:13:09

How to fix scroll in navigation bar area in ios safari?

A new twist on safari for ios.
I block all elements on the page with touchmove, via preventDefault() or returnFalse;
Everything is ok everywhere, but in safari at the bottom of the screen, where the navigation bar pops out, when you try to scroll the page in that place when the navigation bar is hidden, it will quietly scroll, despite all the prohibitions.
How to bypass it?

Here is a demo, open, respectively, only under ios safari. At first, the scroll works, it blocks after 3 seconds. If at the time of blocking the navigation bar is hidden, then touching its area, you can scroll the page.

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VoidVolker, 2018-04-20


sanex3339, 2015-04-28

up =(

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