Ihor Gevorkyan2016-05-17 12:08:53
Ihor Gevorkyan, 2016-05-17 12:08:53

AngularJS: How to download a PDF from a link with a download attribute?

Good day.
Faced a problem, tell me the solution.
On the back - Laravel 5.x, on the front Angular 1.5.x (I use ui-router for routing on the front).
There are PDF files that are stored on the server in the stock_files folder . You need to make a link, by clicking on it the file should be downloaded. On windows, the option provided below works, on MacOS it is redirected to:


I create the link like this:
, where vm.item.id is the id of the item, f.name is the file name.
On MacOS (Safari) errors do not appear, a new tab opens and a redirect to state 'admin.redirecthome' occurs, the file is not downloaded. On windows, a new browser tab opens, the file is downloaded, the tab closes.
I used
it just in case, with the hope that if the download does not work, the file will open in the browser in a new tab. I tried to remove the download attribute and set target="_self" , it doesn't work on MacOS either.
The front config is set to:
<base href="/">,
so links work based on the domain name.
Who met the problem, tell me the solution, please.

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